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Tutorial: Making an old, outdated lamp relevant again

This is going to be a super quick and sloppy post–and ignore the unfinished trim in the background.  I snagged this lamp at an estate sale today.  I saw it yesterday and it was $5, today 1/2 off for $2.50.  It works perfectly and just needed a new shade and a good clean.  Luckily, I have many many thrift store and garage sale lamps and parts and shades laying around, so the total cost of this tutorial for me was only $2.50.  If you don’t have a spare shade you can steal one off another lamp or you can pick one up for $10-$15 at target or wal-mart.


1)  First things first; determine what type of shade you have-I don’t know the technical terms for the internal structures so in my head I call them the “halo style” and the “screws-in-under-the-light-bulb-style”.  This new lamp had a halo and my other shades were the screw-in type.

After the shade is removed, revealing the halo.

2) Remove the lamp shade by twisting the finial off the top.  I also put the finial back on so I have all the pieces together in case I need it again for another lamp project.  To remove the halo, simply pinch the two sides together and slide it up and off.

3) Try out your shades.  I ended up going with the black one for now.

4) (optional) tape off the cord and the light element and spray paint any color of the rainbow.  In this case, I wanted the brass color for now.  It will go perfect with the black walls of our master bedroom.  Stay tuned for before and after pictures for our bedroom.

Option one

Option two