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Kitchen Inspiration

I mentioned before that we are rehabbing what used to be our rental house.  We are still unpacking and organizing everything, but once that’s done, our first project is the kitchen.  Its a small kitchen that’s awkwardly separated from the rest of the house.  It also has this terrible gigantic, poorly planned laundry room that creates this weird shape in the room.  The kitchen is also very very long.  As soon as I’m done painting it, I’ll post the before and kind-of-sort-of after pictures.  I’m too embarrassed to show it in the current state (boxes piled everywhere/halfway primed walls/semi finished hardwood floors—-we were 140 sqft short).  I want to maximize the space and minimize the budget.  We have some simple demolition to do in order to create an open floor plan which will involve removing the walls to the laundry room making the laundry room a part of our kitchen (eek).

The inspiration for the entire kitchenImage

Kitchen laundry room ideas:



The room is long, so a built-in eating banquette or a workspace will be perfect to maximize the functionality of the kitchen.


I have found a couple of options for our cabinets, one is an online source, the other is the trendy and budget friendly IKEA.  Both are a simple and classic shaker style cabinet.


I love this Hick’s pendant and it would go absolutely perfect in our kitchen , but I will have to settle for a knockoff version or make my own:

ImageThe hardware I’m eying (but in black): 


Plans for the large pantry at the end of the kitchen:ImageImageClever use of bead board and gorgeous soapstone or honed black granite:


We also have a window above the sink and I’d like to do something with high impact, but something that will stand the test of time and surpass the trends:


ImageHopefully the elements in these kitchens inspire you as much as they did me!  Now back to unpacking.

Shared Bedroom Loves

We recently moved into our previous rental home.  The tenants moved out and we began renovating the place room-by-room.  It’s a small bungalow, so we have to be smart with our “stuff”.  One of the bedrooms is significantly larger than the other. My step-son loves having sleepovers with “sissy” and so far its been great since her room is currently housing all of our unpacked boxes.  His room is tiny and I’m kicking around the idea of making her room into a shared bedroom and his room into our guest room/office/playroom.  I have a lot of nature inspired pieces and artwork throughout my house, so I want to use that as a jumping off point for their room.  In addition, my plan will also use several neutral prints and some eclectic pieces to “carlyize” it.  Those who know me, know that I love a classically eclectic look.

I drew inspiration from some of these shared bedrooms and spaces (all found on either my pinterest page:  http://pinterest.com/upstyled/ or by searching twin or shared bedroom in pinterest):