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Not So Nursery Anymore Part I

I started working on Baby K’s room this week.  It’s never been very “nursery” or “girly”, but with the addition of the two twin beds and getting rid of her crib, I want to add a few special pieces to her already eclectic palette to finish the space.

I found this amazing fabric by Braemore from fabric.com and got a killer deal on it (20% and free shipping).

Braemore Maneka fabric will be such a fun print that will grow with her.

I also have my eye on this adorable duvet from West Elm:

Duvet set from West Elm (minus the pillows)

I bought a ridiculous amount of this off-white duck cloth and I plan to upholster the box-springs and headboards along with the leftover nail head trim I have.

Headboard inspiration

Well, that’s my sneak peak for her room.  Check back for Part II next week!

Shared Bedroom Loves

We recently moved into our previous rental home.  The tenants moved out and we began renovating the place room-by-room.  It’s a small bungalow, so we have to be smart with our “stuff”.  One of the bedrooms is significantly larger than the other. My step-son loves having sleepovers with “sissy” and so far its been great since her room is currently housing all of our unpacked boxes.  His room is tiny and I’m kicking around the idea of making her room into a shared bedroom and his room into our guest room/office/playroom.  I have a lot of nature inspired pieces and artwork throughout my house, so I want to use that as a jumping off point for their room.  In addition, my plan will also use several neutral prints and some eclectic pieces to “carlyize” it.  Those who know me, know that I love a classically eclectic look.

I drew inspiration from some of these shared bedrooms and spaces (all found on either my pinterest page:  http://pinterest.com/upstyled/ or by searching twin or shared bedroom in pinterest):


Shady Saturday

It’s cloudy and it stormed all last night!  We needed it so badly, but now I am longing for my favorite season; Fall.  In honor of this cloudy day, I have picked some of my favorite “shady” rooms and styles.  Remember, going dark does not have to mean gloomy. In a room, a dark wall can make a room appear larger and on your body, it can be slimming—who wouldn’t love that?