A piece of my heart

Normally I like to talk about my latest projects or design ideas that I’m copying enjoying.  Today, I want to talk about how amazing the internet is for two different reasons.  The first one; a wealth of knowledge literally at your fingertips (if you have a smart phone that is—psssh to my friends that are still stuck in the 90’s).  I cannot count how many times daily I wonder about something (like, how far off my dining room table should this light fixture be hung) or my step-son asks me something (why does this bird/bug/animal/fish/any mythical creature do this or that) and all I have to do is click my phone to get a slew of answers.  That is amazing.  I imagine the generation before me got a lot of “I don’t know” or made up answers.  Or maybe they had to consult the encyclopedias which we all know were outdated before they even hit the shelves.

Secondly, I see people talking about how this wireless age has made people less social because they never have to speak to people, they just pop on Facebook or shoot a text to someone.  On one hand I agree, but on the other hand NOT AT ALL.  I have connections with so many people on a daily basis that I might not EVER speak to otherwise.  I may be too busy to have a long conversation with someone, but I will always make time to send a quick text, and like their pictures or statuses. I follow blogs of strangers and my heart prays for them and my eyes cry for them and I rejoice with them.  I am inspired by these people that might not ever know my name. So when you think about all of the negatives that go with the internet, think about everything positive that comes with it!


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